Our Edge

7S uses the most innovative real estate and business technology available to date.
We are continuously striving to maximize our offerings based on the latest market place technology and are constantly seeking more efficient ways to better serve you.

This technology empowers our team to better communicate and evaluate potential opportunities that best suit your property needs.


innovative tech for realtors

High Level

At 7S we believe that “what you focus on expands” and our Associates are instilled with this deep commitment to training, continued education and masterminds that push them to the highest level of understanding. Equipped with the expertise that these tools provide, our Associates work diligently together to make sure that our solutions are tailored to your unique Vision.

Nationwide Networking

The 7 Streams Commercial Group is an award-winning, full service cloud based commercial real estate company. Powered by the most innovative brokerage in real estate eXp Realty, 7S is leveraging eXp’s cloud based brokerage to achieve unprecedented national reach while maintaining local expertise.

Innovative Technology

Through our international commercial network and partnership network our reach extends from Canada to Mexico with ten’s of thousands of contacts. When you choose 7S you aren’t just choosing local agents, you are choosing an ever-growing global network of people.