Core 5

7S uses the most innovative real estate and business technology available to date.
We are continuously striving to maximize our offerings based on the latest market place technology and are constantly seeking more efficient ways to better serve you.

This technology empowers our team to better communicate and evaluate potential opportunities that best suit your property needs.

The Fastest Growing Brokerage in the Country

At eXp Realty, our family of agents and brokers build their own businesses. They work, attend classes, strategize, collaborate, innovate, enjoy water-cooler chats, build teams, build unity and share experiences inside of our Cloud Office Environment.

Together with eXp’s cloud based network, S7 is leveraging Systems and Tools in order to further grow an agent and broker-owned international, publicly-traded company.eXp Realty agents and brokers are working together to build businesses, build and enhance brands, increase profitability, reduce overhead and risk, and achieve bold career and life goals, all while establishing a direct ownership interest in eXp World Holdings, Inc. as a shareholder and partner.